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Rehab staff at Acres of Hope and Aspirations have extensive and advanced education and experience in rehab and recovery and neurobehavioral issues related to brain injury. The Gardens of Hope require upkeep and maintenance which are cognitive skills exercises and vocational exercises that patients and their families can participate in and assist with.
Healing is Nurtured by Nature is an integral part of recovery and creativity and provides more client satisfaction and improved rehabilitation outcome and satisfaction. Every client's potential is maximized in a very therapeutic home like enviroment where the beautiful Gardens provides motivation to walk, to strive, to want to improve. Overall improvement leads to cost effective intervention, shorter stays and less complications and some patients have returned to work following ample recovery from their brain injury.
Gardens are abundant on the grounds. All the Creatures of Rehab free roam the beautiful and tranquil gardens.
Batman by the statue
The therapeutic gardens are wheel chair accessible to allow easy access. Some of the uneven terrain is marked with beautiful statues to ensure safety for patients and add unique interests to anyone who enters.
Frog Statue
A new but different pathway of live is faced following brain injury. The journey need not be alone. Acres of Hope and Aspirations can help navigate the path.
A log cabin remains on the property that brings history to the Gardens and provides a rustic look.
log cabin
A fountain exits in the middle of the pond to bring further beauty and serenity.
Gardens of Hope are available on the property for therapeutic comfort and beauty. Nature is abundant and helps heal the soul. The emotional and mental health improves with positive energy and attitude as nature brings tranquility and peace to the consequences sustained following a traumatic brain injury.
Come sit at the Waterfall of Hope and let all your troubles float away.

We are a non profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity. Please consider supporting our cause and sharing in the opportunity to make a difference. Volunteers and donations are always needed. Please help support our wonderful Creatures of Rehab and Gardens of Hope through monetary donations or wish list items as listed on the webpage. Refer to our non-profit charitable page on how you can get involved to help the animals and help build and maintain the beautiful Gardens of Hope.
Acres of Hope and Aspirations, W147 S7138 Durham Place, Muskego, WI 53150 Phone: 414-422-4882