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Creatures of Rehab
Animal Assisted Therapy, Cognitive Skills Tools and Vocational Rehab

Animal Assisted Therapy

The Creatures of Rehab are teaching tools. They provide cognitive skills to patients as they learn their differences and similiarities, their care routines, names and feeding routine. Patients build up their cognitive abilities working with the animals and some even gain enough vocational potential to work on realistic job goals.

Some of the animals themselves have disabilities which helps people, especially children understand differences and disabilities. All the animals provide love, support and understanding to all.

Patient safety is taken into consideration when goals are set so animals can be brought into the treatment regime as the patient can tolerate and allows them to improve their function, abilities and overall self-esteem and motivation as they learn to compensate for their deficits and mourn their losses.

Creatures of Rehab Who Make A Difference at Acres of Hope and Aspirations
Fur, Feather and Reptile Friends are so fun to watch but contribute greatly to the daily rehab regime. Difference and similarities as well as care and feeding routine helps build cognitive strengths and vocational potential.
Ms. BellaBlue Bunny is the newest Creature of Rehab.
Queeny - is a small Shetland pony that is blind. She is rideable for all small ones who want to ride. With her blindness, she often compensates by walking slower and feeling her way with her feet. She has total trust when being lead around the property of the one leading her or by following her seeing-eyed pot bellied pig named Batman.
Cookie playing tag with Loki, an Italian Mareema sheepdog puppy is so fun to watch.
BRBs (Big Reptile Boys) are a huge attraction and provide much excitement when they wonder about. Bruitus on the left is 75 pounds and 25 years old while Buster on the right is 15 pounds and 7 years old.
All the animals co-exist together whether fur, feather or reptile friends.
Farm animlas free roam the grounds and enhance cognitive and vocational potential.
All Creatures of Rehb no matter the size nuture and help each other.
Kisses, a small disabled miniature donkey makes a difference to all she interacts with.
Mr. and Mrs. Pom provided colorful decoration to the grounds.
All new Creatures of Rehab go through much training and stimulation to make them as friendly and loveable as possible.

Hand feeding the animals can be therapeutic for both the individual and the animal.

We are a non profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity. Please consider supporting our cause and sharing in the opportunity to make a difference. Volunteers and donations are always needed. Please help support our wonderful Creatures of Rehab and Gardens of Hope through monetary donations or wish list items as listed on the webpage. Refer to our non-profit charitable page on how you can get involved to help the animals and help build and maintain the beautiful Gardens of Hope.
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