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Prevention Is Key

Awareness of brain injuries is so important for prevention. The only true cure for the silent epidemic and most costly and permanent diagnosis of brain injuries is prevention. A brain injury occurs every 19 seconds and alters, changes or takes a life. Prevention is key.

Protect your head in everything you do. Education is very important, especially with children. Do no take unncessary risks for any activity involving use of head including contact sports. Bike helmets are only good if worn every time a bike, skateboard or scooter is rode and worn with a good and appropriate fit.

Acres of Hope and Aspirations has given multiple presentations to school groups, community events, boys and girl scouts, 4-Hers, churches, etc. about brain injury awarness and prevention. Some of the Creatures of Rehab have traveled to enhance the presentation and make the presentation more fun and enjoyable and realistic for all who attend. Many children are visual learners and will remember the animals and learn the concept of wearing protection. If a dog, bunny or tortoise can wear head protection, so can every child or adult. If you want a presentation at your school or group, please contact us.

Children visiting Acres of Hope and Aspirations learn to protect their head in everything they do, especially any riding beyond bikes that can cause risk to the head.

We offer onsite teaching to groups. The friendly Creatures of Rehab are always welcomed by children and are excellent teaching tools to bring awareness to brain injuries and the necessity to protect the head.

We attend community events with some of our animals to bring awareness to prevention of brain injuries.

Creatures of Rehab were a big hit amongst children at Jammin' on Janesville and once again brought attention to brain injuries.

We can host events at the Acres of Hope and Aspirations grounds. Remembrance of 9/11 lives lost and lives affected was hosted in Gardens of Hope with the wonderful Creatures of Rehab free roaming on the grounds.

We can host breakfast, lunch and/or dinner events at Acres of Hope and Aspirations, providing a therapeutic meeting and inspirational lesson to any who attend. Please contact us for details.

Girl Scout troops learning about brain injury awareness and how the Creatures of Rehab serve as teaching tools. Interaction with the animals on the grounds is rewarding and a learning adventure.

We participate in fundraisers. We bring awareness to brain injuries and how brain injury does not stop at any walk of life. Brain injury is the signature wound of many returning from the Iraq War. Bike helmets raffles and give aways are great fun for participants. Our "little peacock" make one proud as a Peacock just like our 9 live peacocks on the rehab farm.

We host professional events for organizations and also bring awareness to prevention of brain injury.

School groups participate in activities and vocational exercises at Acres of Hope and Aspirations.

Acres of Hope and Aspirations participating in community events such as Pug Fest to bring awareness to prevention and about brain injury. The animals are great teaching tools for all participants.

Any group meeting hosted by Acres of Hope and Aspirations can bring awareness to prevention and the silent epidemic of brain injury.

If you need a presentation to your group and/or want to bring your group onsite or want more information of how Acres of Hope and Aspirations can bring a motivational and meaningful presentation to your group, please contact us through our contact page, email or call us. We are here to make a difference and bring awareness to prevention and wellness.

We are a non profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity. Please consider supporting our cause and sharing in the opportunity to make a difference. Volunteers and donations are always needed. Please help support our wonderful Creatures of Rehab and Gardens of Hope through monetary donations or wish list items as listed on the webpage. Refer to our non-profit charitable page on how you can get involved to help the animals and help build and maintain the beautiful Gardens of Hope.
Acres of Hope and Aspirations, W147 S7138 Durham Place, Muskego, WI 53150 Phone: 414-422-4882