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Services Provided - Acres of Hope and Aspirations is staffed with experienced and skilled rehab professionals to accomodate the needs of person with traumatic brain injury and their families.

Rehab Nursing/Medical Case Management - Certified Rehab Case Managers and rehab nurses provide coordination of services, ensuring medical stability, safety and quality care and patient outcomes and satisfaction

Skilled Nursing Care and CNA/Personal caregiving - Designed to meet the level of care needed whether skilled nursing care or caregiving while recovering for cost effective and collaborative care. All caregiving and CNA services services are supervised by a skilled and experienced RN who specializes in brain injury and neurobehavioral issues.

Neurobehavioral assessment and intervention - Anger, mood swings and social inappropriateness, hypersexuality and other neurobehavioral issues sometimes are significant problems following brain injury. Anger management, intervention and programs are set up by trained staff to help modify or correct an inappropriate behavior or gesture.

Vocational Rehab - Prepares person for work readiness, work repetitore behaviors and potential work site evaluation and work adjustment training at a level tolerated and functional given the person's capabilities, achievements and abilities in a supportive work arena. Return to work assessments, on-site employer visits and training are offered.

Cognitive Skills Training - Assists person with memory, concentration and attention tasks through compensatory strategies for improving function, safety and work readiness. Identifies visual and auditory processing issues.

Readiness Assessment to Return to Work- Safety and memory are key for safe return to work following a concussion and brain injury. Assessment helps determine functioning level of the individual and any further recommendations for a safe and cost effective and prompt return to work. These assessments are key in saving worker's compensation costs of the claims.

Assisted and Supported Living - Allows safe living with medical oversite and ancillary help and assistance in areas that require for living in the least restrictive and most therapeutic environment.

Rehab Therapy Regimes - Incorporates an interdisciplinary team approach to the daily routine including leisure and community activities needed for productive use of time.

Day Treatment - Services provided daily and/or x/week that lead to a desired outcome.

Individual/Family Counseling - Allows for counseling to be provided to patients andtheir families as adjustments and acceptance to disability occurs.

Respite Care - Loved ones can be dropped off for supervision, interaction and participation to allow family and caregivers a break and prevent burn out and/or cover for vacations, job committments, travel requirements, etc.


Presentations about brain injury, safety and prevention, animal assisted therapy and/or other health related topics is available. Please contact Acres of Hope and Aspirations for further info and details needed.


Daily rates for services at Acres of Hope and Aspiration are determined based on the need of individual. A prearranged full rate per day will be determined based on services needed following an initial assessment. A pre-paid rate requires an initial 30-day payment prior to admission and will offer a discounted and negotitated rate. Please contact Acres of Hope and Aspirations for further info and details.
We are a non profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity. Please consider supporting our cause and sharing in the opportunity to make a difference. Volunteers and donations are always needed. Please help support our wonderful Creatures of Rehab and Gardens of Hope through monetary donations or wish list items as listed on the webpage. Refer to our non-profit charitable page on how you can get involved to help the animals and help build and maintain the beautiful Gardens of Hope.
Acres of Hope and Aspirations, W147 S7138 Durham Place, Muskego, WI 53150 Phone: 414-422-4882