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Volunteering and Getting Involved - From Ignorance to Inspiration
Volunteering and helping many who need it can very rewarding and powerful. Many youth go from ignorance/no awareness until they get involved and then are inspired and want to share in the opportunity to make a difference.
Helping at community events with the Creatures of Rehab makes a difference and bring awareness to brain injury and helps the community be aware of the necessity to protect the head.
Youth get involved, learn new skills and are inspired to make a difference to many who need it.
Working with the animals for socialization, care routine and community events is always welcome.
Helping decorate the grounds is needed for each holiday and season.
Cleaning up the Gardens of Hope and yard clean up after the bigger animals can always use volunteers.
Even the young ones want to share in the opportunity to make a difference.
Please contact us for volunteer opportunities.
We are a non profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity. Please consider supporting our cause and sharing in the opportunity to make a difference. Volunteers and donations are always needed. Please help support our wonderful Creatures of Rehab and Gardens of Hope through monetary donations or wish list items as listed on the webpage. Refer to our non-profit charitable page on how you can get involved to help the animals and help build and maintain the beautiful Gardens of Hope.
Acres of Hope and Aspirations, W147 S7138 Durham Place, Muskego, WI 53150 Phone: 414-422-4882